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The way that the whole picture looks on camera is vitally important to get noticed and get the maximum number of viewers to click on your profile and watch your webcam shows. Don’t focus only on your appearance. How you look is important but using the proper lighting, removing clutter from your area and creating the right atmosphere is just as important. Your home webcam studio is part of your online image and personal brand.

Setting up and decorating your cam space the right way will help you maximize the number of paying viewers that you get on a daily basis.

Choose the right place

A dedicated room set up for your daily camming is ideal. Choose an area that is:

  • visually appealing;
  • private;
  • comfortable.

Make sure you have enough space to get up, pose, dance, wiggle and walk around. Your cam viewers will get bored if you stay in one position all the time.

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Key elements in your home webcam studio

A comfy seat is a key element in your cam room. Whether you are sitting on a nice couch, in a computer chair, on your bed, on the floor or at a table, make sure that you are comfortable and you are easily able to reach your keyboard and mouse.

Use contrasting color when it comes to using a fitted sheet. For instance, if you are light skinned, choose a solid color that is darker. If you have dark skin, choose a lighter color.

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No clutter

Clutter can be a turnoff for your viewers. Keep your working place clean and neat. Before you start, smooth out the covers and fluff up your pillows. Any area that might show up in the background should be cleaned and tidied up so that it doesn’t distract from your show.

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Getting the correct lighting equipment will make all the difference in the appearance of your cam stream. Avoid having an open window directly behind you as it will affect the exposure and create strange glares in the cam.

Webcam position

Nobody looks good from odd angles. Your webcam should be at or just above eye level.

Choose decorations and props that fit your niche

Choose decorations that fit your niche and are consistent with the experience you want to give to your fans. Make sure that any viewer who enters your chat room will immediately have an idea of what to expect from you and your erotic shows. This helps your cam viewers know what you are all about without even having to ask.

For example, if you are into bondage, try adding some handcuffs and whips somewhere in your cam space. If you like Cosplay, use allusive images with multicolor lights. If your thing is playing up being a cutie, make your room girly, bright and colorful. Be creative.

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It is a good idea to have some good mood music playing in the background to create the right ambiance. Make sure it is not too loud, though.

Now your cam room is all set up and you are ready to go!


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