We learn from our mistakes, true, but in the webcamming industry it’s better to prevent them from happening in the first place. If you think you are doing good with your webcam shows but find yourself questioning why your traffic is not tipping, why your viewers leave your chat room and why you are not earning as much money as you would like, here is a list of the 5 most common mistakes you could make as a new camgirl on an adult webcam chat room.

1.Using a built-in laptop webcam

Presenting the best image of you is key in the webcamming industry

A built-in laptop cam is not enough. Use a professional HD webcam instead, with excellent video and audio quality, which will translate into more tippers and happy viewers. This is our #1 tip for a more successful experience on webcam.

tips cam girl

2. Lack of creativity

Working as a webcam girl is not only about taking your clothes off. Lack of creativity in your private webcam shows is something that will ruin your cam girl career in a short time. Use your charm, sex appeal and talkativeness to attract viewers. Make sure that there is a lot of variation in your chat room, play different roles and spice up your webcam shows. Keeping your regular visitors’ attention is of utmost importance.

Cam site members don’t like watching a cam girl who is clearly bored. They will lose interest in you and turn to other cam girls if you look unenthusiastic, cold and unresponsive. If you are tired, sick, irritable or in a bad mood, it’s better not to live stream. In an adult chat room, cam girls are expected to smile, be confident, energetic, bubbly, cheerful and proactive.

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3. Not taking good care of your appearance

Anyone can be a webcam model, regardless of age, size and nationality. Webcam models are expected to look their best, though. Taking good care of your appearance is crucial. You must always show the best version of you, glam up, look fresh, neat and dress appropriately before turning on the camera. You won’t impress anyone with bed hair and baggy mismatched clothes that make you look like a potato. Exercise regularly, at least 30 minutes a day, use good quality makeup and create your new wardrobe with sexy lingerie, alluring clothes, nylons and accessories.

4. Not using time to your advantage

Cam girls are paid to engage in live sexual performances on the Internet. Men and guys from all over the world come to your chatroom to chat and watch you. Time-planning is key in webcamming. Many of your potential customers might live in completely different time zones, such as Australia, New Zealand or South Africa. Work with time, plan everything ahead and try and be available when your target customers are around.

5. Drinking on cam

If you feel nervous, do whatever helps you relax. Listen to some music, go for a walk around the block or take a series of deep breaths until you have calmed down. Don’t take pills to calm your nerves. If you decide to have a drink or two to loosen you up, get you talking easier and feel more disinhibited, set a limit for yourself and try to stay within it. Getting blackout drunk on webcam can be detrimental to your career in the webcamming industry.


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