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Although the world wide web is full of pornographic material of any kind, men and guys continue to have a special fondness for cam sites. Interacting live with a real woman is actually more exciting than watching pornographic videos online.

Even if, in both cases, no actual physical contact takes place and cam site users have to resort to masturbation anyway, interacting with sexy cam models is a much more rewarding experience than watching porn.

What cam site users look for in chat rooms

Most men hardly dare to reveal all their sexual desires to their wives and girlfriends for fear of being judged or mocked. Live webcam shows offer a quick and effective way to live out their secret sex fantasies and erotic perversions, and escape the tedious daily routine. Protected by anonymity in a chat room, they feel they can speak freely with a cam girl, without any sense of shame.

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Those, for instance, who fancy being humiliated and verbally abused and hardly ever find real women who are trasgressive enough to fulfill their sadomasochistic fantasies, usually find in cybersex on webcam a useful relief valve.

How to satisfy viewers’ needs and desires

The service offered by a webcam model is basically to entertain viewers in exchange for money. How much you get paid depends on the time spent in private session on webcam.

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Listening to your viewers’ requests and desires is key to providing satisfying and fun online performances.

To be successful as a cam girl you need to learn how to move easily between different roles.

shoDepending on what your viewers’ desires and sexual fantasies are, you are expected to show your dirty, depraved side or your naïve side, sometimes you are required to be assertive, aggressive and dominant, sometimes to be submissive and obedient.

Every live show is different as every cam viewer has different needs. We recommend you:

  • talk to every cam site member at the beginning of your live shows in order to understand what their sexual preferences, inclinations and perversions are;
  • try and establish a relationship of mutual trust and understanding;
  • listen to their requests;
  • do your best to please them and fulfill their desires.

You set up boundaries. If someone happens to be rude, offensive and disrespectful to you or requires services you don’t feel comfortable providing, you can interrupt the videochat and report what happened to the moderators.


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