Profile picture: How to change it, how to pose, what clothes to wear, light and more tips!

The profile picture is very important, it is the invitation to users to enter the chat room of a camgirl: Therefore, it is crucial to choose a good photo.

At the time of registration as a camgirl, you will be asked to upload a profile picture. If you are not already registered on the page, you can register as camgirl here. It is easy and fast!

First of all, it is not allowed to be naked in the profile picture. This is very important, because if a camgirl decides to take a risk and upload a nude photo it will not be accepted and runs the risk of being temporarily banned.

Some tips for the profile picture!

First of all, you have to choose the place where the photo will be taken.
Choose a site that shows the essence as a camgirl … shy, dominant, outgoing, etc.

The profile picture is the first impression and they say that is the one that counts, isn’t it? So you should choose a photo that shows a glimpse of what a user can find in the chat room.

TIP: Being a camgirl you have the opportunity to have many first impressions, new users are registered on our website every day. So,if for some reason the photo you have chosen does not attract many users, you can always change and cause new impressions.

don’t forget to pose

Show or not the face, it is the personal decision of the camgirl. There are some who like to show only their body to generate more sensual mystery and there are others who decide to show their face with or without a mask. This decision is personal and all are right!

If you decide to show the whole body, you must choose a seductive pose, which attracts and shows the best attributes of the body. And remember, no nudes are accepted in the profile picture!

Clothes are very important, they underline your style.

We recommend you to wear seductive lingerie and especially that it shows the essence of the model.

The colors and light are of great importance, nobody likes a blurry or dark photo!

You should use a good camera either mobile or digital. try to find good natural light that is not backlit. If this is not possible, good lighting can be used.

Selfies are so trendy!! If you decide to use a selfie as a profile picture, you must ensure that a good angle is chosen.


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