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Men love sexy tattoos and many become aroused by seeing tattoos on a hot babe showing off her curves live on camera. Sexy tattoos, especially if they are in unusual places and erogenous zones, are associated with someone being “bad” and men are naturally drawn to what they think is off limits. Here at CamgirlsMag we have compiled a list of the sexiest and most popular tattoos for women.

Sexy tattoo designs for cam girls

Here are some of the hottest tattoo designs for you to get inspired:

  • flowers, especially roses, rosebuds and lotus flowers;
  • dragonfly tattoos;
  • butterflies;
  • crowns, to remind yourself of your own royalty;
  • skull tattoos: multi-colored skulls and the Mexican style sugar skulls are particularly popular for alternative models and webcam girls;
  • tribal-like patterns;
  • geckos and snakes, symbol of strength;
  • dolphins;
  • eagles;
  • mandala designs;
  • lettering tattoos, great if you have a saying or a famous quote that you love.

If you are good at drawing, you can also create your own personal tattoo design.

sexy tattoo

Hottest places on your body to get a tattoo

The sex appeal of a tattoo is all in the placement on your body. If you need a little inspiration for your next sexy tattoo, we have some bold and sexy tattoo ideas for you to get inspired.

Breast tattoos

Breast tattoos add hotness to the most attractive symbol of femininity. If you want to draw attention to your assets, a breast tattoo could be just the way to go. There are several types of breast tattoos.

Underboob tattoos

Tribal, floral, butterflies or mandala designs will look great there and the paramount part is that your underboob tattoo sitting just underneath the line of your breasts will be seen only by the people you want. Your fans will be amazed.

Sideboob tattoos

Sexy tattoos on your ribcage will make cam site members drool after you. Flaunt your sexy tattoos, tease your viewers in free chat and encourage them to pay for a private webcam session.

Cleavage and Between-The-Boobs tattoos

Cleavage tattoos and between-the-boobs tattoos are awesome, elegant and super sexy. They can be tiny or much larger in the form.

Between-The-Boobs tattoos


All over-breast inking is the newest trend. You can also consider the idea of tattooing the area around your areolas with sexy designs, including hearts, flowers, bows or tribal patterns.

Groin tattoos

Take your little butterfly, heart or flower tattoo up a notch by putting it below your panty line. It’s hotter than hot and will drive your cam viewers crazy. And don’t forget that placements that are less exposed to the sunlight will hold up better over time.

Thigh tattoos

Thigh tattoos are hot-as-hell. They are usually larger in size, so if you are looking to get a bigger piece this location is the perfect placement. There are truly a countless number of ways to ink your thighs.

Thigh tattoos camgirls

Neck tattoos

If you are looking for a tattoo that is bold and super sexy, a neck tattoo is perfect for you.

Hips, stomach and belly button

Your stomach isn’t exactly the most common place to get inked, as it may painful, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider it. There are plenty of sexy tattoo ideas that can be done around your belly button. Larger tattoos that cover a good portion of your stomach and hips are steamy hot too.

camgirls tatoo

Choose a professional, skilled and qualified tattoo artist

If the idea of getting your skin inked is directly connected to adult webcam modeling and your cam girl career, it is not recommended to tattoo real names, initials and personal details like, for example, zodiac sign, birth date or anniversaries, to protect your privacy.


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