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Once signed up to a cam website, you will immediately realize that competition is high. How to gain visibility and become successful in your cam girl career?

Most Important Cam Girl Tips You Need to Know

We asked two experienced webcam models for advice on how to catch more fans on webcam and stand out from other cam girls.

1. Attention to detail

Attention to detail is crucial in the webcamming business. Choose a good performer name, fill out your profile carefully, choose high-quality photographs and videos and add a top notch profile photo. First impression matters A LOT in webcamming. It is mandatory to maintain the same sexy look the viewers saw on your profile.

cam girl tips

2. Experiment and reinvent yourself

Cam site members love to be surprised. Change look, atmosphere, background and accessories frequently. Don’t focus on the same kind of performance in your webcam shows, be open and ready to experiment with different characters, techniques and methods.

3. Have a positive attitude

Since your cam viewers are your primary source of income, it is crucial to develop good behavioral interaction with them. Most cam viewers look for companionship, understanding and support. Listening skills are essential in this job. Many private webcam sessions will not be about sex at all, but about loneliness and reassurance. Many of the viewers we talked to just wanted a friendly conversation. Others want some teasing erotic play. Some want to explore their most intimate fantasies with a beautiful woman live on webcam. Always be friendly, kind, talkative, open and cheerful. Smile, talk genuinely and joke around with your fans.

positive attitude

4. Make sure your fans live an authentic experience with you every time

Every webcam show is different, as every viewer has different needs.

Listen to your fans carefully and try and do your best to fulfill their desires.

This is the added value offered by cam websites. Although the range of pornographic material available online is beyond huge, men still have a special fondness for cam sites because interacting with a webcam model is far more exciting, arousing and erotic than watching porn.

5. Promote yourself

In order to gain more visibility online, you could create a fan club and open a blog, a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a specific profile on the main Social Media using the model name you use on the cam sites in which you perform.


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