cam girl name

Making up a cam girl persona for yourself and sticking to it is something every professional webcam model should do. Your model name will essentially be your brand.

Before signing up to a cam site, you should carefully think about what your performer name will be.

Here are some useful tips on how to choose a nickname to use online.

1. Pick a name that is easy to remember

Pick a name that easy to pronounce, remember and write. Avoid too long and complex names that are hard to spell. Use rhymes, alliterations and assonance, such as, for example, MandyCandy, or references to your personal features, such as, TattooRose if you have a lot of tattoos, or BlondeDiva, if you are fair-haired.

2. Do not use numbers, underscores and special characters

Choosing a name filled with numbers and special characters, like Xhottietottie_420xX or HotBabe_245453xX would make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to type your nickname correctly. Spelling mistakes can so easily send cam viewers to the wrong chat room.

cam girl name

3. Do not use your real name

In order to keep your real identity secure, do not use your real name and personal information, like your age, location and birth date. At the same time, though, do not use too impersonal and generic names, such as, for example, Xxx2018. Choose an appealing name.

4. Google it to make sure nobody else is using it

After you have settled on a model name you like, google it to make sure no other cam girls are currently using it, to avoid fans getting confused. Your model name is your brand and it must be unique and original. Using a nickname being already used by someone else may harm you enormously in terms of visibility.

5. Pick a name you like

Your model name will represent your digital identity.

It is crucial that you choose a name that you like and that fits the image you want to create for your model persona. Many people will start calling you that way, and it’s important that you feel comfortable with it.

That said, if you are short on idea try using an online name generator that will offer you a number of names you can draw inspiration from.


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