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Working as a cam girl is fun, safe and pays well. You can work from the comfort and privacy of your home, set your own hours and be your own boss.

Webcam modeling is one of the fastest growing online freelance jobs. As you sign up to a webcam site, you get to start to work immediately. You are only required to be required to be of legal age to work as a cam girl.

However, there are some aspects to consider if you are interested in making money working as a webcam model and some devices and tools to buy in order to be able to offer high-level shows right away.

Equipment to become a successful cam girl

Here is a mini-guide written by experienced cam girls with a list of devices, tools and resources every professional cam girl should have.

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A good laptop computer with a 16 inch LED-backlit display, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB hard disk or more is essential to work as a cam girl. The more powerful the RAM, the better. We do not recommend using smartphones and tablets for camming.

HD webcam and good microphone

It should go without saying, but you will need a good webcam to start camming. Your built-in laptop cam is simply not enough.

Don’t buy a cheap one right off the bat, though. Wait until you can afford a professional HD one, with built-in microphone, ultra-smooth autofocus and excellent video and audio quality. The better you look and sound on camera, the more likely the viewers in your chat room are to become aroused by you. With a good webcam you will be able to record bright, sharp and high quality videos.

High speed internet connection

To start camming, you will need a high speed, stable internet connection, ideally a broadband connection, so that you don’t end up with a freezing video stream and frequent disconnects that may ruin the quality of your live shows.

External speakers

If you want to add some music while performing on webcam, consider buying external speakers and adding a wireless mouse and keyboard for better maneuverability.

Proper lighting

Quality lighting plays an important role in camming, as it accentuates your features and makes your assets pop on screen. Make sure you have multiple light sources around you. For best results, we recommend a traditional three-point light system or, in alternative, three table lamps with the shades removed, to place on your left, on your right and in front of you. Don’t use desk lamps, as they will cause unnatural looking shadows. Using table lamps without shades you will end up with a nice bright light.

Comfortable place to work

Choose a comfortable, quiet, well-lit room in your house where you can talk freely, entertain your cam viewers and perform your live shows. We suggest sitting comfortably on a couch, sofa or bed.

Make sure that your live shows go uninterrupted.


Outfits are very important to a cam girl’s personal presentation. Some great pieces of clothing are probably already in your wardrobe, such as sexy lingerie, fishnet stockings, suspender tights, high heels, long gloves, cat suits and high boots. If you prefer not to show your face on camera, buy some masks and wigs.

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So that’s your basic setup. With these essentials in place you can start making money as a cam girl straight away.


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